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Data collection service for enterprises

Statistics Finland provides a service where enterprises can find out which data collections of Statistics Finland they are or have been included in.

When ordering the information, you will need to provide your enterprise’s business ID, name and contact details as well as the name and contact details of the contact person at your enterprise.


Exemption from the obligation to provide data

Obligation to provide data

Statistics Finland collects data directly from data providers only when the required data are not available from elsewhere. By responding data providers help produce high quality statistics to support decision-making, research and democratic social debate.

The obligation to respond to data collections is based on Sections 14 and 15 of the Finnish Statistics Act (280/2004).

Assistance with responding

When needed, data collection experts help with responding and may in some cases grant more time for responding or accept information related to the data collection. They can be contacted by telephone or email. They can also provide more information about the obligation to provide data and the exemption from it.

The contact information can be found in the accompanying letter and on the homepage of the data collection.

Exemption from the obligation to provide data

By virtue of Section 8 of the Statistics Act, data providers have the right to seek exemption from the obligation to provide data wholly or partially if the provision of data causes the respondent unreasonable inconvenience and the exemption will not essentially hamper the production of statistics or weaken the reliability and usability of statistics. Unreasonable inconvenience refers to putting the respondent in an unequal position with regard to other data providers.

An exemption from the obligation to provide data cannot be granted due to an enterprise's lack of resources or time or the difficulty caused by the provision of data or other corresponding matters. The possible exemption is always specific for a data collection and valid for a fixed term. Data providers are advised to contact Statistics Finland before filling in the form for exemption.

Exemption from the obligation to provide data can be applied for with a freeform application or with the the attached form (PDF). Please specify the enquiries you are applying the exemption from. Appendices can be added to the application.  To make sure that the form works properly, we recommend that you use the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is available as a free download on the Adobe website. The application is sent to Statistics Finland’s Registrar’s Office, address: Statistics Finland, Registrar's Office, FI-00022 Statistics Finland or by email to:

Data reception

Delivery of data to Statistics Finland

Statistics Finland receives a wide variety of data materials from other organisations for statistical purposes. The data reception service is centrally responsible for the reception of the data materials. Deliveries of data may be based on the obligation to provide data or other agreed cooperation. The aim is to conclude a legal data file agreement on regular deliveries of data. One-off data materials are delivered based on data requests directed at them. The data reception service and data transmission are steered by the same rules, acts and guidelines as Statistics Finland’s other activities. Read more about data reception.

Classification service for data collections from enterprises

The classification service for data collections from enterprises offers enterprises a table containing the latest information on the basic classifications of all enterprises and establishments in operation and those having closed operation after 31 December 2008. The data are updated monthly. The file can be copied and saved as part of your enterprise's information systems.

You need a user ID and password to open the table. You can request them at:

Introduction of the classification service for data collections from enterprises

Automated data collection

Some data collections directed at enterprises use automated data collection, which means that enterprises can send the data directly from the enterprise's own information system with the help of a separate reporting software. More information about automated data collection can be found on the home pages of the data collections. The software needed is described in the accompanying letter of the data collection.

Web scraping

Statistics Finland scrapes data from the Internet for statistics production. Risks related to the quality of data acquired by web scraping are identified and assessed before decisions are made concerning web scraping. Using of web scraping as a data collection method is reported in connection with the publication of the statistics.

Principles of web scraping at Statistics Finland (PDF)

Data supplier feedback

 More information about the data supplier feedback. identification

More information about identification.

Automatic phone calls

Statistics Finland tests automatic phone calls as reminders to respond to data collections.

Our automated telephone service reminds data suppliers of responding to data collections.

Due date calendar

With the due date calendar service, enterprises can check the due dates of the data collections pertaining to them. It is easier to answer data collections if you familiarise yourself with the data collection material in advance.

Upcoming due dates