Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Why do we have to fill in this inquiry? Do you not collect data directly from other authorities like the Board of Patents and Registration?

The Statistical data form TILKES is only an inquiry by Statistics Finland collecting data from enterprises and municipally-owned enterprises describing their activities for statistics on financial statements and business structures.

The enterprise has no resources for filling in the inquiry in question? Can we be exempted?

By virtue of Section 8 of the Statistics Act, data providers have the right to seek exemption from the obligation to provide data wholly or partially if the provision of data causes the respondent unreasonable inconvenience and the exemption will not essentially hamper the production of statistics or weaken the reliability and usability of statistics. Unreasonable inconvenience refers to putting the respondent in an unequal position with regard to other data providers. Exemption from the obligation to provide data must be sought in writing.

Is the TILKES inquiry statutory?

The obligation to provide data is based on the Statistics Act (280/2004).