Index of total wages and salaries of construction

The index of total wages and salaries of construction companies describes development in the total wages and salaries of enterprises paying employer's contributions. Indices of total wages and salaries of building construction and civil engineering are calculated as sub-indices of the index. The examined variable is wages and salaries subject to withholding of tax on the basis of which employer's social security contributions are paid.

The breakdown into building construction and civil engineering is based on the handbook Standard Industrial Classification 1995 (Handbooks 4, Statistics Finland).

The base year of the index is 1995 (1995 = 100).

The index is calculated using data from the Tax Administration which are supplemented at Statistics Finland.

The index point figure is produced with the panel method. The panel includes all enterprises for which comparable data are available for the examined month and for the corresponding month of the previous year. A change percentage is calculated for the industry using the data on these enterprises. The index series is continued with the obtained figure. Enterprises whose development deviates significantly from the industry's general development are left out of the calculation.

The index series starts from January 1995. Apart from the original index series, a seasonally adjusted series and a trend series are also calculated. The brevity of the time series makes calculation of the trend series difficult. For this reason an examination of the trend series should be accompanied by studying the behaviour of the original series.

Validity of the definition

  • Valid until (31 December 2078)

Source organisation

  • Tilastokeskus