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Liabilities (Debts)

Liabilities (Debts) describe the amount of debt per person in a household-dwelling unit at the end of the year (31.12.) Included are loans and credits granted by credit institutions and financial corporations, financial services offices, as well as other common lenders. The debts comprise housing loans and student loans guaranteed by the Finnish Government or the Åland Provincial Government. The debts also comprise loans granted by credit institutions and financial corporations, as well as loans exceeding EUR 1,700, granted by lenders other than credit institutions and financial corporations, the purpose of use of which is other than the aforementioned housing loan or student loan.

The debts are grouped according to their purpose of use as follows:
1. Housing loans
2. Student loans
3. Debts charged on a source of income
4. Loans taken up for the purpose of acquiring income
5. Other liabilities

Statistics using the definition

Validity of the definition

  • Valid until (31 December 2078)

Source organisation

  • Tilastokeskus