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Statistics on the finances of agricultural and forestry enterprises

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Main topic: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery
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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
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The statistics on the finances of agricultural and forestry enterprises replace the agricultural enterprise and income statistics produced from 1973 to 2004 as well as the agricultural income and tax statistics. The new statistics are published only on Statistics Finland’s Internet pages. The first reference year of the statistics is 2005. The statistics describe the economic activity and structure of agricultural and forestry enterprises operating in Finland. The main sources of data for the statistics are tax data on farm enterprises, the Farm Register and a direct statistical survey aimed at farms. Agriculture and forestry are examined separately. The data are classified e.g. by area, production sector and farm size category.

Data content

The statistics on the finances of agricultural and forestry enterprises contain data on the income, expenditure, assets and liabilities, and the change in the fixed assets of farm enterprises. Included is also a description of farm enterprises’ forestry activities. Calculations on spouses combined income liable to state taxation and their taxable assets, which are based on personal taxation data, are also produced for farm enterprises owned by natural persons.

The basic data are confidential.

Classifications used

The data are classified by municipality, region, EU subsidy area, production sector, farm size category, and owner and age group.

Data collection methods and data sources

The data included in the statistics on the finances of agricultural and forestry enterprises are mostly based on data derived from the Farm Register and the Tax Administration’s registers, which have been supplemented with a statistical survey aimed at roughly 9,000 farms selected by statistical sampling.

Data collections

Updating frequency

The statistics are compiled annually.

Time of completion or release

The data are available approximately 15 months from the end of the statistical reference year.

Time series

Comparable data are available from 1973 onwards.


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