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Offences known to the police

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The statistics on offences known to the police describe the regional distribution of offences and activities of the police. The statistics contain data on the types and numbers of detected offences. In addition, they examine the numbers of offences investigated and solved by the police, proportions of solved offences by type of offence and cases where reporting has been found ungrounded. In respect of solved offences the statistics also contain data on the suspected persons and their ages. The statistics further include data on family violence and on municipal parking control and on certain tasks performed by the police, such as investigations of suicide cases, traffic accidents with deer animals and causes of fire. Data on customs offences, such as those prescribed in the Customs Act and other offences decreed to be handled as customs offences are also published in connection with these statistics.

Data content

Numbers and types of detected offences, as well as numbers of offences solved and reported to the prosecutor. In respect of solved offences, the statistics contain data on the age and gender of the suspected persons and whether they were under the influence of intoxicants. Besides on offences, the statistics also include data concerning parking control, numbers of persons taken into custody for intoxication and on certain other tasks performed by the police. Unit-specific data in the material must be kept undisclosed.

Classifications used

In respect of offences, all main types of offence. The used geographic divisions are municipality, population register district and province. In respect of persons suspected, gender, age and the most usual groups of foreign nationals.

Data collection methods and data sources

The statistics are compiled from data obtained from the Ministry of Interior’s system used by the police for registering reports of crimes and alarms (RIKI).

Data collections

Updating frequency

Quarterly and annually.

Time of completion or release

Quarterly data in the third week from the end of the quarter. Preliminary annual statistics in May. Final data by the end of the year.

Time series

Statistics are available starting from 1927.


customs offences, domestic violence, drunkenness in traffic, family violence, foreigners, intoxicants, nationality, offences, offences against property, parking control, police, traffic offences, victims, violence, violent crimes

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Additional information

Quarterly and preliminary annual data are published in the Justice series. Up to 1990 they were contained in the publication Offences known to the police.

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