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Financial accounts

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Main topic: National Accounts
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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Yes
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Financial accounts describe the financial balance sheets and financial transactions of all sectors of the national economy. The financial balance sheets refer to the stocks of financial receivables and debts at the end of the statistical reference period, while the financial transactions refer to the transactions made during the statistical reference period that influence the financial balance sheets. Financial accounts are part of the system of National Accounts.

Data content

In respect of both balances and flows, the data cover all sectors of the national economy, as well as financial transactions between Finland and the rest of the world. Since statistical reference year 1995, the statistics have been compiled in accordance with the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010), i.e. in an internationally comparable manner. Unit-specific data of the accounts must be kept undisclosed. In connection with the financial accounts, data on non-financial assets are also published. Non-financial assets include produced assets such as buildings and inventories and non-produced assets such as land. The total assets of the sector are obtained by adding up the financial and non-financial assets.

Classifications used

Classification of Sectors 2012 .

Data collection methods and data sources

Financial accounts are derived statistics. The data sources exploited in their compilation include numerous statistics and data files. The main sources are the Bank of Finland's data on monetary financial institutions and on investment funds, balance of payments statistics, the Finnish Central Securities Depository's book-entry register, statistics of the Financial Supervisory Authority on insurer's investments, bookkeeping of the state, the state's debt reports, and Statistics Finland's statistics on the finances of municipalities and joint municipal boards and on business structures. The data sources are described in detail in the quality description of the statistics (in Finnish only).

Data collections

Updating frequency

The data are released five times per year.

Time of completion or release

Quarterly financial accounts data are released on Statistics Finland's website approximately three months from the end of a quarter. Annual data are additionally released in July.

Time series

Annual financial accounts data produced in accordance with ESA 2010 are available starting from 1995. In addition, annual balance sheet data deviating from ESA 2010 are available for the 1970-1994 period. These data differ considerably from data on later years in respect of the coverage and valuation of financial assets, and the classification of units. Quarterly financial accounts data are available starting from the last quarter of 1997.


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