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Finnish enterprises

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The statistics on Finnish enterprises contain data on the enterprises, establishment and groups that operate in Finland. The basic variables describe their number, personnel and turnover. The data are classified by industry, area, type of owner, legal form and size category.

Data content

The basic variables in the statistics are the number, personnel and turnover of enterprises and establishments.

The data of the statistics cover enterprises and their establishments in all industries.

Enterprises and establishments that operated for more than six months in the reference year and employed more than one-half of a person or had a turnover (with agricultural enterprises income from agriculture) in excess of an annually specified statistical limit (e.g. EUR 9,636 in 2007) are selected into the statistics.

The data of these statistics are not comparable with those of statistics on enterprise openings and closures where the number of enterprises is based on cross-sectional data on enterprises acting as employers and/or liable to pay value added tax.

Classifications used

  • Standard Industrial Classification 2008
  • Classification of sectors 2000
  • Municipalities and regional divisions based on municipalities. Regional classification is based on the regional division valid in the statistical reference year.
  • Size category of personnel and turnover
  • Legal form
  • Type of owner

Data collection methods and data sources

The data are mainly obtained form the Tax Administration’s registers and with direct inquiries among enterprises. Data on groups are obtained from the consolidated financial statements groups report to the Board of Patents and Registration or Suomen Asiakastieto Oy. Numbers of employees are estimated from data on wages and salaries for enterprises not included in the surveys.

Data collections

Updating frequency

The statistics are published annually.

Time of completion or release

The statistics are completed and released at end-November of the year following the statistical reference year.

Time series

Time series data on enterprises are available starting from statistical reference year 1984.

In 1984-1988, the statistics cover registered employers and enterprises liable to pay turnover tax. From 1989 the statistics also cover units liable to pay business tax. In 1994, the turnover taxation system was replaced by the value added taxation system. Units in the preliminary tax withholding register were included in the statistics in 1996, housing corporations in 1999 and units liable to pay value added tax on the transfer of usufruct of immovable property in 2006.

The data concerning 1984-1986 are classified according to the Standard Industrial Classification TOL1979, the data concerning 1986-1993 according to the Standard Industrial Classification TOL1988, the data concerning 1993-2001 according to the Standard Industrial Classification TOL1995, the data concerning 2001-2007 according to the Standard Industrial Classification TOL 2002, and the data from 2007 onwards according to the Standard Industrial Classification TOL 2008.


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