Environmental protection expenditure in industry

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The statistics on environmental protection expenditure in industry describe the demand for environmental protection in industry. The statistics show the magnitudes of investments in environmental protection and operating expenditure arising from environmental protection in industry by activity. Expenditure is also broken down by target into air pollution control, water pollution control and waste management.

Data content

Environmental protection expenditure of manufacturing, mining and quarrying, and energy and water supply. Investments in environmental protection and their share of all investments in fixed assets, operating and maintenance costs, administrative and research costs and compensations relating to environmental protection. Investments and operating costs by target: air, water, waste and other environmental protection. Data on individual units in the register are confidential. Data by economic activity are public.

Classifications used

Standard Industrial Classification, Classification of Environmental Protection Activities CEPA.

Data collection methods and data sources

Direct inquiry to a sample of approximately 2,000 establishments of enterprises.

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Time series

Data are available starting from 1992.


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