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Hotel accommodation

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From the city Centre to Statistics Finland

Lunch during the Conference

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Social program

Suomenlinna Fortress

Hotel accommodation

All foreign participants of the 3rd Nordic Marketing Conference will be accommodated at the Sokos Hotel Vaakuna

The hotel is located in the very centre of the City of Helsinki. It is a historical hotel, refurnished in an elegant way in the heart of Helsinki. Finnish tradition has been preserved in the hotel, built for the Helsinki Olympics in 1952.

The address of the hotel in Finnish is

Asema-aukio 2


tel. +358 (0)20 1234 610

fax +358 (0)9 433 77 100


You will find more information about the hotel at the web site

Choose "Helsinki" as a location and "Read more" beneath the text Hotel Sokos Vaakuna. Here you can make a virtual tour in the hotel's rooms and restaurants, among others...

How to get there

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is located some 20 kilometres north of Helsinki. A frequent bus service called Finnair Citybus operates between Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Finnair City Terminal beside the central railway station. The fare (payable to driver) is EUR 4,90 and the drive takes around 35 minutes.

If you take the Finnair Citybus Bus Service from the Airport, have your drive up to the end station, Helsinki Railway Station. Stepping out of the bus you will have the hotel right in front of you, to the left of the yellow Main Post building. On the correct greyish building you will see signs like "S-Market", "SOKOS" and "McDonalds". After getting a bit closer you will be welcomed with the sign "SOKOS HOTEL VAAKUNA" at the entrance door.

Taxis are also available. A regular private taxi ride to the city costs EUR 25-30. The Airport Taxis (which take a group of persons heading in the same direction) are slightly cheaper. Taxi drivers accept major credit cards and do not expect tips. Bus and taxi stands are situated directly outside the Arrivals Hall.

From the city Centre to Statistics Finland

Statistics Finland is situated about 4 kilometres to the north-east from the main Helsinki railway station. The cost of a taxi from the city centre to our office is € 10 - 15.

If you decide to use public transportation, the easiest way to get to our office is by bus number 68 It starts from the square located on the opposite side of the main Railway Station building. If you are coming from Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, walk just through the Railway Station building. When coming out there is another (bigger) Railway Square , walk a little bit to the left and - voilá - there's Platform 6 from where bus number 68 starts, heading, among other places, to Statistics Finland. Ask the driver to stop at "Tilastokeskus" - that's Statistics Finland in the Finnish language.

A single bus ticket, bought from the driver, costs EUR 2.

More information on the City Transport System of Helsinki can be obtained on the web site in English at

and in Swedish at

Lunch during the Conference

Within the Conference Material there are three Lunch Vouchers included for the foreign guests. The foreign guests will receive the Conference Material, including the lunch vouchers, in the Entrance Hall of the building of Statistics Finland on Monday, the 13th of June. The menus of the lunches of the three Conference days in Restaurant Stateria will be available in English and Swedish.

Restaurant Stateria is located on the 2nd floor of the building of Statistics Finland. Go to the beginning of the restaurant's serving line. Choose your drink and proceed to the service personnel. With the Lunch Ticket you can choose any alternative from the four normal dishes - Domestic meal, Cold meal, Soup or Vegetarian meal. If you choose á lá Carte, you will have to pay for it yourself. Drinks, salads, different selections of bread and butter are included in the price of all dishes. There are tables reserved for Conference delegates on the right side of the windows of the Restaurant.

The Finnish participants will not receive free of charge Lunch vouchers but will pay for their lunch in a normal manner. Finnish participants are kindly invited to join the foreign Conference participants at the Lunch tables especially reserved for all Conference participants.

Coffee and refreshments

Coffee and refreshments will be served at the Monday Plenary Session in the afternoon coffee break on the 10th Floor. On Tuesday coffee and refreshments will be served in the Workshop Meeting Rooms both in the Morning and in the Afternoon Sessions. Whenever coffee is served tea will also be available.

Social program

The Social program on Tuesday evening commences with a boat trip to the Suomenlinna Fortress, situated on an island not so far away in the sea south of the centre of the City of Helsinki. The boat Statistics Finland has reserved for the social program is named "Queen". It will depart at 19.15 (sharp!) from the Market Square pier, located in the vicinity of the City Hall, the Embassy of Sweden and the Residence of the President of Finland.

If the weather looks bad, take an umbrella with you. If the weather is beautiful, the Market Square is located at just a 15-20 minute's walk from Hotel Sokos Vaakuna. If you choose to take a tram, jump on a 3B (not 3T) from the stop on the Mannerheim Street on the opposite side of your Hotel building and drive four stops to the Market Square.

Dress code: Casual & warm.

Please note: You should wear your name badge during the Social program. This applies also for Finnish participants. Your name badge will also serve as an ""entrance ticket" to the boat :-)

On the boat all participants will be welcomed with a small battery powered spotlight. After a 20 minutes boat tour giving you the first hints about the Helsinki archipelago an authorised guide will meet our group at the Fortress. Over there we will be shown around the main sights of the Suomenlinna Fortress, constructed in the 18th Century. We will be learn about the ancient artillery and use the spotlights in the exciting tunnels the fortress is full of. Historic events will be revealed and also information about the present use of the Fortress will be given. The excursion into History will be completed with a Dining Cruise in the beautiful archipelago enjoying an Evening Buffet on "Queen".

The "Queen" will sail back to the Market Square pier at about 23.00 o'clock.

Suomenlinna Fortress

Without Suomenlinna (Finland's Castle) there would hardly be the Helsinki as we know it today. Its old name "Viapori" comes from the Swedish term Sveaborg, "Sweden's castle."

Historically, Suomenlinna was originated by Sweden's loss to Russia in the War of the Hats (1741-43). In the Peace of Turku in 1743 the Russian border was moved west to Kymi River only 150 kilometres east of Helsinki; thus Sweden lost all her old fortresses on the border.

Viapori was designed by a Swedish count, Augustin Ehrensvärd. Construction was begun in 1748. It was at its peak in 1751 when over 6,000 men, more than half of Finnish army, worked on the construction. There were no great fights during the period of Swedish rule and the construction of this "Gibraltar of the North" went on peacefully for years.

In the beginning the fortress grew even bigger than Helsinki: in 1805, the population of Viapori was 4,600, second only to Turku, the capital. Officers' travels abroad influenced the cultural life of Viapori which was vigorous with theatre and music.

Russians occupied Viapori in 1808: shamefully enough, they met almost no resistance. The fortress faced its greatest moments of danger almost fifty years later in the Crimean War (1853-56), when 75 English-French warships attacked it. The people of Helsinki gathered on the southern hills of the town to watch this bombardment which took four days and a million kilograms of ammunition. Viapori was not occupied, however, and the losses were insignificant except for many wooden buildings.

Viapori was taken over by Finland near the end of the civil war and given the new name Suomenlinna ("Finland's Castle"). It served as barracks for the Finnish Army until 1973; Finland's Naval Military Academy is still situated there. Suomenlinna is on the list of World Heritage by UNESCO. It is being renovated by the prisoners of the labour colony situated on the island.

Today Suomenlinna has 800 inhabitants; it is very popular especially among artists. There are also restaurants Walhalla (tel. 668 552) and Chapman (tel. 668 694), a summer theatre, several museums, and the Nordic Art Centre. The oddest of the museums is an old Finnish submarine called Vesikko. You can get to Suomenlinna by a number of ferries from the Market Square, one of which is operated by the city transit authority.

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