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Plese, notice that papers are not available at the meeting venue.

Ball, Adrian and Fenwick, David: Costing mobile telephone calls: the use of constrained user profiles abstract / paper

Boesch, Rolf and Becker Vermeulen, Corinne: Quality assurance of the Swiss consumer price index abstract / paper

Beelen, George: Should a CPI attempt to hold all risk factors constant in pricing non-life insurance services? abstract / paper

De Haan, Jan: Time dummy hedonic index as a specific case of Törnqvist index abstract / paper (2nd version!)

Diewert, Erwin: The Treatment of Owner Occupied Housing and Other Durables in a Consumer Prise Index abstract / paper

Fenwick, David, Ball, Adrian & Beaven, Jay: The Quality Adjustment Matrix: a novel and strategic approach to the quality measurement issue and the application of methods for the a priori identification of those items in a Consumer Price Index where hedonic quality adjustment can be used to best effect abstract / paper

Finkel, Yoel and Zioni, Dorit: Automization in the CPI, Quality Assurance and EFQM abstract / paper

Guðnason, Rósmundur: Simple User Cost and Rentals abstract / paper

Johannessen, Randi: Owner occupied housing in the Norwegian CPI abstract / paper

Koev, Eugen: Combining Classification and Hedonic Quality Adjustment in Constructing a House Price Index abstract / paper

Linz, Stefan: Using Hedonic Pricing for the German House Price Index abstract / paper

Manninen, Kari: The Effects of the Quality Adjustment Method on Price Indices for Digital Cameras abstract / paper

Norberg, Anders: Comparison of Variance Estimators for the Consumer Price Index abstract / paper

Pursiainen, Heikki: The algebraic interpretation of consistency in aggregation and quasilinear index numbers abstract / paper (2nd version!)

Sakashita, Nobuyuki and Shimizu, Makoto: CPI and Household Income Expenditure under deflationary trend abstract / paper (2nd version!)

Silver, Mick: The difference between hedonic imputation indexes and time dummy hedonic indexes for desktop pcs abstract / paper

Woolford, Keith: Experimental Price Indexes for Financial Services paper

Päivitetty 19.8.2004

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