The release calendar in JSON format

With the JSON file transfer format, you can transfer the data of Statistics Finland's release calendar into your own web application. You can search data on Statistics Finland's released and future publications starting from 2012. Using JSON, you can produce a listing of the statistics and publications in which you are interested in your own web service, for example.

Field name Field content
juka_json.json From here
date Release date in the form year-month-day
date_fi Release date in the form day.month.year
name Publication title
lang Publication language (fi, sv, en)
class Publication type
topic Publication topic (abbreviation)
stat Statistics to which the publication relates (abbreviation)
  JSON in Finnish
  JSON in Swedish
  JSON in English
jakelutavat Release format (HTML, PDF)
title Summary of the publication content
pdf_link Link to the publication in PDF format
addr Link to the publication in HTML format

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