Vision: Figures for tomorrow

Statistics Finland's strategic aspiration or vision is figures for tomorrow. Our goal is that by 2030 we will live in a society where activities are increasingly based on information. Statistics Finland wants to help ensure that society knows and recognises the importance of information in building the future.

Implementing the vision requires innovation, consideration of data users’ viewpoint and development from a reliable producer of statistics to a provider of influential information. When the vision materialises, Statistics Finland and its employers will be known in society both nationally and internationally as an active producer and combiner of data, a defender of reliable information, and a broadener of understanding. Together with our stakeholders, we want to build networks that benefit society and a sustainable information ecosystem, where various actors work towards common objectives. In order to succeed, we must anticipate changes and be open for experimenting and innovation.


We bring reliable and up-to-date information for the benefit of customers and into social debate.

Statistics Finland's task is to bring reliable and up-to-date information for the benefit of customers and into social debate. The basis for our activities and development is continuous, efficient and up-to-date statistics production that relies on strong competence in the fields of statistics and information, broad data materials, and on the ability to collect, manage and use the data ethically and sustainably. Continuous review and development of this foundation is also necessary when we create preconditions for efficient use of information in society.

Strategic objectives

Statistics Finland has identified two strategic objectives that enable the vision.

Our aim is to provide information and understanding by anticipating phenomena and needs. In a complex world, the need for high-quality and timely information increases, while the needs and expectations change and become increasingly complex, possibly at a faster pace than ever before. Next to conventional descriptions and statistics, new phenomena arise, where information must be combined and processed in new ways beyond organisational boundaries. This change situation requires strong statistical expertise, foresight, and the skills and ability to collect, process and analyse information reliably and flexibly. Being successful in achieving this goal also requires networked operating models beyond organisational boundaries.

Statistics Finland wants to be an active part of a sustainable information ecosystem. Sustainability requires close cooperation in various forms, new types of procedures and renewed ways to divide tasks. We want to be involved in creating a network between various actors that enables efficient and ethical utilisation of society's information resources. Statistics Finland will offer its expertise in combining and processing information, in temporal and local comparability of data, and in continuity, more extensively to benefit society.


  • Appreciation
  • Transparency
  • Continuous improvement
  • Impartiality