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Regional accounts adopts the new ESA 2010 system

The European Union started using the new system of national accounts (ESA 2010) at the end of September 2014. For Finland, the new system was taken into use in the national accounts data published on 11 July 2014. As part of the national accounts, regional accounts will adopt ESA 2010 on 11 December 2014 in connection with the release of the 2000 to 2012 time series. All national accounts data will then be based on the new ESA 2010 methodological handbook.

Along with the revision, the system of national accounts becomes more up-to-date with relation to the present economic environment and answers to new data needs of users. For example, the new ESA 2010 extends the concept of assets to cover research and development expenditure and directs the compilation of statistics on global production modes better than the old system.

Read a summary on the changes caused by the renewal on the pages of the national accounts


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