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Published: 17 August 2011

The number of open job vacancies in the second quarter equal to one year earlier

According to the Job Vacancy Survey of Statistics Finland, there were 49,800 open job vacancies in the second quarter of 2011, which is almost the equal to one year ago (48,600). The measurement for the second quarter was taken on 1 June.

Job vacancies 2010/II – 2011/II

       2010/II        2011/II
Job vacancies 48 600 49 800
Part-time 32 % 19 %
Fixed term 63 % 47 %
Hard-to-fill vacancies 41 % 40 %

In all, 33,300, or 67 per cent, of the job vacancies in the second quarter of 2011 were in private enterprises. Private enterprises also offered more open job vacancies than one year previously (6,800). By comparison, the local government sector had fewer job vacancies than one year ago (-4,100). Compared with the quarter one year earlier, the number of job vacancies went up especially in professional, scientific and technical activities (2,300) and in trade, transportation and accommodation and food services (1,900), and in construction (1,400). In contrast, the number of job vacancies fell in public administration, education and human health and social work activities (-4,200). Examined by area, job vacancies increased in Uusimaa (3,400) and Northern Finland (1,700), but decreased elsewhere in Finland.

In the second quarter of 2011, the proportion of part-time vacancies among all vacancies fell by 13 percentage points and that of fixed-term vacancies by 16 percentage points from the respective quarter of the year before. Forty per cent of open job vacancies were hard to fill. The proportion of hard-to-fill vacancies thus remained on level with the year before.

Statistics Finland has been collecting data on job vacancies quarterly since the beginning of 2002. The statistics are based on a sample of establishments of enterprises and general government. The data are collected with telephone interviews and web questionnaires. The statistics are decreed by a regulation of the European Union. The objective is to produce up-to-date and comparable information about the number and structure of job openings on the labour markets of EU Member States.

Source: Job vacancy survey 2011, 2nd quarter 2010. Statistics Finland.

Inquiries: Antti Halmetoja (09) 1734 3763,

Director in charge: Riitta Harala

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