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Published: 25 November 2014

One-half of enterprises use cloud services

Fifty-one per cent of enterprises use chargeable cloud services. Most commonly used cloud services among enterprises are email used by 33 per cent of enterprises, and file storing used by 27 per cent of enterprises. The main obstacle for using cloud services is lack of information and expertise. These data derive from Statistics Finland's survey on information technology in enterprises.

Use of cloud services, proportion of enterprises employing at least ten persons

Use of cloud services, proportion of enterprises employing at least ten persons

By industry, cloud services are most commonly used in information and communication activities, in 81 per cent of enterprises, and least commonly in retail trade, 33 per cent. Among the smallest enterprises with 10 to 19 employees, cloud services were used by 45 per cent, and among the largest enterprises with more than 100 employees, by 63 per cent.

Forty per cent of all enterprises used public clouds where the same servers are used to serve several clients. Fourteen per cent of enterprises used private clouds where the server is reserved only for the customer that has purchased the service.

Of the inquired cloud services, enterprises most commonly used email (33%) and file storing (27%). Relatively common use purposes of cloud services also included accounting applications (20%), office software (20%), maintaining of the enterprise's databases (19%), and customer relationship management (15%). Calculation efficiency to run applications as a cloud service was used by only seven per cent of enterprises.

Enterprises that did not use cloud services usually considered lack of information or expertise (42%) as an obstacle for using the services. Uncertainty factors also prevented the use of cloud services for relatively many enterprises, as 28 per cent considered data security risks and the uncertainty of the location of data as an obstacle for use, and 23 per cent uncertainty related to legal issues. The price of cloud services was also an obstacle for quite a few enterprises, as 26 per cent of enterprises saw high costs as an obstacle.

Obstacles for the use of cloud services

Obstacles for the use of cloud services
1) Share of enterprises not using cloud services

These data were collected with an inquiry in spring 2014 and they apply to enterprises with at least ten employees.

Source: Use of Information Technology in Enterprises 2014, Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Aarno Airaksinen 029 551 3206, Katja Äijö 029 551 2659,

Director in charge: Hannele Orjala

Updated 25.11.2014

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