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Published: 5 April 2007

General government EMU debt higher during the last quarter of 2006 than in 2005

General government EMU debt grew by close on EUR 5 billion during the last quarter of 2006 and so exceeded the 2005 level by EUR 0.6 billion. As a result of changes in central government debt, the volume of general government debt varied considerably by quarter during 2006. The growth in debt during the last quarter of 2006 followed the active emission of short-term central government securities (maturity of 1-12 months): central government short-term debt grew by EUR 3 billion during the last quarter and stood at EUR 6 billion a the end of the year. Central government bonds also grew slightly in the fourth quarter when compared with the third quarter. Their share of central government debt has, however, decreased by EUR 2.4 billion from the 2005 level.

The EMU debt of local government, that is municipalities and joint municipal corporations, continued the steady growth it has shown during the last few years. Local government debt, which consists mainly of long-term loans, grew by EUR 0.3 billion during the last quarter of 2006 and stood at nearly EUR 9 billion.

General government EMU debt and central government debt by quarter in 2002-2006

Source: General government EMU debt

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