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Published: 17 December 2010

General government EMU debt grew in the third quarter of 2010

In the third quarter of 2010, consolidated general government EMU debt grew by EUR 1.2 billion and stood at EUR 83.8 billion. From the respective quarter of the year before the debt grew by EUR 14.4 billion.

General government EMU debt

General government EMU debt

Of the general government consolidated debt EUR 73.5 billion was central government debt, EUR 10.3 billion local government debt and EUR 0.1 billion was debt of social security funds. During the third quarter of the year, central government debt grew by a total of EUR 1.0 billion. The majority of general government debt consists of central government bonds. At the end of September, the nominal value of such bonds in circulation was EUR 59.8 billion.

Local government debt, that is, the debt of municipalities and joint municipal boards, grew by EUR 0.1 billion and was EUR 11.7 billion at the end of September. Local government debt is mainly comprised of long-term loans.

The EMU debt describes general government’s debt to other sectors of the national economy and to the rest of the world, and its development is influenced by changes in unconsolidated debt and internal general government debts. Debts between units recorded under general government are deducted from unconsolidated gross debt to obtain consolidated EMU debt. For this reason general government debt is smaller than the combined debts of its sub-sectors.

Source: General government EMU debt, Statistics Finland

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