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Published: 7 April 2006

Financial assets of social security funds totalled EUR 94 billion at the end of 2005

From now on quarterly information on financial assets and liabilities of social security funds and other general government sub-sectors is available from the internet pages of Statistics Finland. Quarterly general government financial accounts statistics include general government assets and liabilities as well as financial transactions directed to them broken down by financial instrument. The statistics are based on an EU Regulation.

The data on general government financial accounts have been compiled by quarter starting from the last quarter of 1998. The entire existing time series is now published for the first time, the latest data concerning the last quarter of 2005. The data of the statistics published now are congruent with annual financial accounts. Annual data are available on Statistics Finland's webpages under the topic National Accounts. The data for the last quarter of the year will be complete with a delay of three months, but quarterly data of municipalities and social security funds, in particular, will be revised when the annual data are completed in the autumn.

The data are reported to Eurostat and the European Central Bank with a delay of three months, after which they will also be available free of charge on Statistics Finland's Internet pages under the topic Government Finance. Eurostat will publish certain figures for quarterly general government financial accounts on its Internet pages already during this year, and it intends to extend the data content by degrees in future. Then it will be possible to obtain comparable data from Eurostat's pages about the general government financial accounts of the EU Member States by quarter as well.

Source: Financial Accounts for General Government. Statistics Finland

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