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Published: 14 May 2012

Retail trade sales grew by 9.0 per cent in March

According to Statistics Finland, retail trade sales increased by 9.0 per cent in March from March 2011. Over the same time period, the volume of retail trade sales grew by 5.3 per cent. In daily consumer goods trade, sales grew by 9.8 per cent and in department store trade by 9.0 per cent. Wholesale trade sales went up by 2.4 per cent. In total trade, sales increased by 10.8 per cent in March.

In motor vehicle trade, sales went up by exceptional 46.3 per cent. The strong growth of motor vehicle trade sales was due to the amended motor vehicle tax legislation that entered into force on 1 April. The change can also be seen in Statistics Finland's statistics on first registrations of motor vehicles according to which the number of first registrations was up by 60.1 per cent year-on-year in March.

Annual change in turnover in trade industries, % (TOL 2008)

Annual change in turnover in trade industries, % (TOL 2008)

In the January to March period, sales were up by 8.4 per cent in retail trade and by 8.0 per cent in wholesale trade on the respective period of the previous year. Motor vehicle trade sales were up by 25.2 per cent. In total trade, sales were up by 10.8 per cent in January to March on the respective period of the year before.

Amended motor vehicle tax legislation influences motor vehicle trade sales in 2012

An amendment concerning the motor vehicle tax that is levied at first regis-tration entered into force on 1 April 2012. According to it, the amount of tax is now based on the volume of carbon dioxide emissions that correspond with the combined consumption of the vehicle. The tax on passenger cars and vans rises if the emissions exceed 110g/km. The impacts of the amended taxation on motor vehicle prices will also be seen in the development of mo-tor vehicle trade sales in 2012.

Source: Turnover of trade, Statistics Finland

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