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Revisions to statistics on renovations of housing companies

Revisions have been made to the methodology and data processing for statistics on renovations of housing companies. In connection with the revision, data were calculated with the new method starting from the year 2009 and the previously published data for the years 2009 to 2011 have changed. In future, database tables published with the old method will no longer be updated.

The sampling frame was revised to correspond better to the topic under study and further specifications were made to the data for quality improvement. The variable to be studied was specified and allowances have now been taken into account there.

Statistics Finland has taken outlier treatment into use. Examination of outliers is made to the data and deviating observations are taken into consideration when the data are expanded to the whole population. This is made to ensure that deviating observations do not get too much weight when expanding the data to the whole population.

The stratification and weighting of the sample were changed. Post-stratification used in weighting was abandoned and the dataset was stratified based on sampling.

As a result of the changes, the value of renovation building was revised as follows:

Year Value of renovation building,
in the release of 13 Sept.
2013, EUR mil.
Revision, %
2009 1,172 11.7
2010 1,160 -5.7
2011 1,119 -15.1


Last updated 13.9.2013

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