Changes to the data content of the statistics on balance of payments

The publication of the separate annual release on the balance of payments will be discontinued at the beginning of 2017. In future, annual data will be released in connection with the quarterly publication. The breakdowns for the services of the current account and regional data are now available comprehensively by quarter from the release on international trade in goods and services starting from the statistical reference year 2013. The statistics on international trade in goods and services are an extension of balance of payments, which are always released on the same day as the quarterly release on balance of payments.


The data content of the monthly release on balance of payments will contract from the beginning of 2017.  The data content concerning international investment position (stock data) will be removed from the monthly release.

Last updated 30.9.2016

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Official Statistics of Finland (OSF): Balance of payments and international investment position [e-publication].
ISSN=2342-348X. Helsinki: Statistics Finland [referred: 24.9.2021].
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