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Published: 3 April 2007

Tourism consumption EUR 9.6 billion in Finland in 2005

According to Statistics Finland, a total of EUR 9.6 billion was consumed on tourism in Finland in 2005. Foreign travellers' proportion of total tourism consumption was 26 per cent.

The biggest tourist demand item consists of passenger transport services, which amounted to nearly EUR 2.9 billion. Use of restaurant services accounted for EUR 1.5 billion and that of accommodation services for EUR 1.4 billion. Fuels and purchases from shops were also among travellers' most significant consumption expenditure items.

The proportion of Finnish leisure travellers of total tourism consumption in Finland was 52 per cent, that of travel expenses paid by the employer 19 per cent and the use of own free-time residences 3 per cent. Foreign travellers' 26 per cent proportion of total tourism consumption equalled EUR 2.5 billion.

Total tourism consumption in Finland by product in 2005, total EUR 9,603 million

The tourism account 1995-2005 is based on national accounts.

Source: Tourism account 1995-2005, April 2007

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