Maatalouden hintaindeksien käsikirja 2000=100 (vedos)

The EU Agricultural Price Indices is the principal domain amongst the EU Agricultural Price Statistics.The previous Handbook for EU Agricultural Price Statistics (version 1.0; February 2002) resultedfrom the revision of the methodology of the Economic Accounts for Agriculture (EAA)1 and of the European System of Accounts2. With the re-basing of the EU Agricultural Price Indices to the base 1995 = 100, the methodology of EU Agricultural Price Statistics was adapted in order to be closer in line with the new accounts methodology.

The present Handbook for EU Agricultural Price Indices has taken into account all the modifications introduced as a consequence of the rebasing to 2000=100. Its purpose is to provide all producers and users an updated guide and reference in the field of agricultural price indices.

Handbook for EU Agricultural Price Indices 2000=100 DRAFT, January 2004 pdf 59 sivua 300 kt

Päivitetty 12.10.2004


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