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Published: 10 May 2007

Matriculation examination attained by nearly 90 per cent and vocational qualification or tertiary degree attained by over 70 per cent of students who start studies

According to Statistics Finland, 88 per cent of the students who started upper secondary general school in 2000 had attained a matriculation examination by the end of 2005. During the same period, 70 per cent of the students in vocational education attained a vocational qualification. By the end of 2005, polytechnic degrees were attained by 71 per cent of the students who entered polytechnic education ten-and-a-half years ago. During the same period, 73 per cent of the new students at universities attained a lower or higher university degree.

Pass rate by educational sector in different reference periods by the end of 2005

Source: Education Statistics. Statistics Finland

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