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Published: 19 January 2009

Producer prices for services went up in October-December

18 January 2010 Revisions to data on rents of office and business premises .Inquiries: Elina Pääkkö (09) 1734 3725,

According to Statistics Finland, producer prices for services went up by 4.2 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2008 from the corresponding quarter of the year before. The rise in the prices was particularly caused by increases in the prices of goods transport by road, technical consultancy and business and management consulting from the corresponding quarter of the previous year.

From the previous quarter, producer prices for services rose by 0.4 per cent. This was mainly due to higher prices of hotel services and rents of office and business premises. The rise of prices was curbed especially by lower prices of goods transport by road and sea and coastal water transport.

Producer price index for services 2005=100, 4th quarter 2008

Industry Point figure Quarterly change, % Year-on-year change, %
Producer price index for services 2005=100 111.6 0.4 4.2
Hotels and restaurants 107.0 8.0 –0.4
Transport, warehousing and telecommunications 112.1 –0.9 4.7
Real estate, renting and research services, business services 112.5 0.8 4.4
Other community, social and personal service activities 101.7 0.1 1.0

Producer price indices for services describe the price development in business services provided by enterprises to other enterprises and the public sector. The total index currently covers about half of the market services.

Source: Producer Price Index for Services 2008, 4th quarter. Statistics Finland

Inquiries: Elina Pääkkö (09) 1734 3725,

Director in charge: Kari Molnar


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