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Published: 18 December 2009

Number of building permits granted for dwellings grew again in October

In October 2009, building permits were granted for a total of 2,200 new dwellings, which is 46 per cent more than one year earlier. However, the cubic volume covered by all permits granted for the construction of new buildings contracted by more than one-fifth from the previous year. For industrial and warehouse buildings the cubic volume fell by 71 per cent from last year’s October.

In January to October 2009, new building permits were granted for a total of about 32 million cubic metres, which is one-quarter less than in the corresponding period last year. Cubic volumes went down for all building types apart from agricultural buildings. Building permits were granted for good 21,000 new dwellings, which is 11 per cent less than in January to October one year ago.

Granted building permits, moving variable annual sum (1000 m3)

Granted building permits, moving variable annual sum (1000 m3)

*=Preliminary figures

These data derive from the preliminary data of Statistics Finland’s statistics on building permits, which are based on notifications submitted by municipal building supervision authorities about building projects subject to building permits.

Source: Building permits, Statistics Finland

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