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Revised standard industrial classification, TOL 2008, will be introduced in April 2009 in statistics describing turnover in construction

A revised industrial classification, TOL 2008, will be introduced in Finnish statistics in 2009. General information about the transition is given on the TOL 2008 pages of the Statistics section of Statistics Finland's website. More detailed information about TOL 2008, including its contents and classification principles is available in the Classifications section of the website.

The classification will be introduced in April 2009 in statistics describing turnover in construction in January 2009, and in the Volume Index of Construction. The data of the statistics will also then be classified by TOL 2008 in database services and compilation publications, and publishing of data by TOL 2002 will be discontinued. The previously published data by TOL2002 will remain available on the home page of the statistics and in the database services. The base year of the statistics will be changed in connection with the transition to the new classification, with 2005 as the new base year.

Changes in construction industries arising from the transition to TOL 2008

The section of Construction will remain unchanged in the new classification, but will contain three instead of the previous two sub-sections.

Construction industry categories of TOL 2002 by which data have been published up to now:

  • F Construction = 45
  • Building construction = 45211, 45220, 45250, 453, 454, 455
  • Civil engineering = 451, 45219, 45230, 45240.

Construction industry categories of TOL 2008 by which data will be published:

  • F Construction
  • 41 Construction of buildings
  • 42 Civil engineering
  • 43 Specialised construction activities.

The contents of the Construction sections (F) remain fairly identical in TOL 2008 and TOL 2002. However, an additional data series will be published for one sub-section.

The most significant change within the Construction section is the addition of a new sub-section, 'Specialised construction activities'. Some of the activities from the TOL 2002 category of building construction, i.e. building installation and completion activities, move under this new sub-section, which means that the Construction of buildings category of TOL 2008 has less extensive contents than the respective TOL 2002 category. The contents of the sub-section of Civil Engineering remain almost unchanged.

An additional activity category coming from outside the TOL 2008 section of Construction is Development and selling of real estate, which is moved from Real estate, renting and business activities and relocated under both Construction of buildings and Civil engineering.

Further information about the impact of the classification revision on statistics describing turnover in construction

The levels of TOL 2008 by which data on turnover in construction will be published are described on the home page of the statistics. Retrospective data starting from 1995 will be published from all series by the new industrial classification.

The effects of the new industrial classification on construction industries have been discussed also in the Fokus section of Construction Industries Review 2/2008 (In Finnish only).

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