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Published: 8 January 2015

Commission income and operating profit of investment firms increased year-on-year in July to September

Investment firms’ commission income totalled EUR 82 million in the third quarter of 2014. Commission income grew by 22 per cent from the respective quarter of the year before. Compared to the previous quarter, commission income went down by four per cent. These data derive from Statistics Finland’s statistics on investment firms.

Investment firms’ net operating profit by quarter

Investment firms’ net operating profit by quarter

The net operating profit of investment firms amounted to EUR 26 million in the third quarter, which is 11 per cent more than one year earlier. Compared with the previous quarter, the net operating profit went down by ten per cent.

The largest expenditure item for investment firms was administrative expenses, which amounted to EUR 32 million in the third quarter. Administrative expenses decreased by EUR 3.4 million or ten per cent from the previous quarter. Administrative expenses mainly comprise personnel costs. Another important expense item, commission expenses amounted to EUR 21 million and grew by eight per cent from one year ago.

The aggregate value of the balance sheets was EUR 252 million. The balance sheets grew by ten per cent year-on-year. The share of own equity in the total of the balance sheets was 70 per cent. At the end of September 2014, there were 57 investment firms operating in Finland of which 42 generated a positive operating result.

Source: Investment firms, Statistics Finland

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