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Published: 26 November 2010

Economic downturn visible in the number of enterprises, personnel and especially in turnover in 2009

In 2009 the number of enterprises and turnover declined for the first time over the 2000s. The number of enterprises went down by just 270, but their turnover contracted by as much as 15 per cent, or by EUR 60 billion. Personnel decreased by four per cent, by 54,810 persons. According to the Business Register of Statistics Finland, 320,682 enterprises operated in Finland. They provided jobs for 1,447,403 persons as either employees or self-employed persons. The total turnover of the enterprises was EUR 336.2 billion.

Development of the number of enterprises, personnel and turnover 2000 - 2009

Development of the number of enterprises, personnel and turnover 2000 - 2009

The number of enterprises in manufacturing fell by 820, in trade by 640 and in construction by 110. In relative terms, the number of enterprises in mining and quarrying fell most, by ten per cent. However, enterprises were set up in most economic activities. The increase was biggest in other service activities, up by 485 enterprises. In real estate activities and professional, scientific and technical activities the number of enterprises grew by good 300.

The personnel decrease was both in absolute and relative terms highest in manufacturing, down by 35,718 persons and nine per cent. In construction the personnel fell by 8,570, i.e. by six per cent. In transportation and storage the decrease was four per cent, 5,240 persons. Although the total number of personnel fell, a slight increase was recorded in several economic activities. The growth was most considerable in human health and social work activities, where the number of personnel increased by 3,260, or by seven per cent.

Turnover in manufacturing contracted by 24 per cent, or by EUR 35.7 billion and in trade by 14 per cent, by EUR 16.9 billion. Turnover in transport and storage diminished by 12 per cent, by EUR 2.6 billion. In construction the corresponding figures were 11 per cent and EUR 2.9 billion. In human health and social work activities turnover grew by eight per cent, by around EUR 200 million.

Of all enterprises 99.1 per cent were small enterprises, that is, employing under 50 persons. The share of medium-size enterprises employing under 250 persons was 0.7 per cent, while 0.2 per cent were large enterprises employing more than 250 persons. Small enterprises employed 47.5 per cent, medium-size enterprises 16.4 per cent and large enterprises 36 per cent of all personnel. Small enterprises accounted for 34.6 per cent of turnover, medium-size enterprises for 16.4 per cent and large ones for 49 per cent. The combined turnover share of small and medium-sized enterprises was thus two percentage points higher than that of large enterprises. The number of small and medium-sized enterprises has fallen by 0.1 per cent, the number of personnel by close on two per cent and turnover by 11 per cent. The number of large enterprises declined by seven per cent, their personnel number similarly by around seven per cent and turnover by 19 per cent.

Around three per cent of the enterprises belonged to a group. These enterprises accounted for 52 per cent of the labour force and 72 per cent of the turnover of all enterprises. These shares have been almost the same in previous years as well.

According to the Business Register, the total number of enterprise groups was 6,236. Among them, 1,561 were fully Finnish-owned, 614 were Finnish-owned multinationals and 4,061 were foreign-owned. The groups provided jobs for 757,000 persons in Finland, of whom approximately 20 per cent worked for domestic groups.

Source: Business Register. Finnish enterprises 2009, Statistics Finland

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