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Published: 28 November 2013

Enterprises’ personnel decreased and turnover grew in 2012

Corrected on 30 January 2014. The corrections are indicated in red.

According to the Business Register of Statistics Finland, 322,184 enterprises operated in Finland in 2012. These enterprises employed 1,474,000 persons as wage or salary earners or entrepreneurs and generated EUR 394.9 billion in turnover. The number of enterprises went down by around 50 from the year before. The personnel fell by 11,600 persons, i.e. by one per cent. Turnover, in turn, grew by 2.5 per cent and increased by around EUR ten billion.

Number of enterprises, personnel and turnover in 2007–2012

Year Enterprises Personnel Turnover EUR billion
2007 308 917 1 481 870 374,6
2008 320 952 1 502 213 396,6
2009 320 682 1 447 403 336,2
2010 318 951 1 444 031 358,9
2011 322 232 1 486 136 385,2
2012 322 184 1 474 520 394,9

The number of manufacturing enterprises was 21,300 and they employed 324,000 persons and produced a turnover of EUR 133 billion. The number of enterprises and personnel decreased by two per cent from the previous year and the turnover of enterprises increased by one per cent. The number of enterprises was 350 and personnel 6,500 lower than in the year before and the turnover increased by EUR 1.3 billion . The number of construction enterprises increased by one hundred, totalling 41,500. The number of personnel was 154,000 and it went down by 650 from the year before. In construction, turnover amounted to EUR 28.8 billion. Turnover increased by nine per cent or by EUR 2.3 billion, as in the year before.

The total number of enterprises in trade was 44,600. The number decreased by some 600 from the previous year. Trade employed 251,900 persons, which is 2,400 fewer than in the previous year. However, turnover in trade grew by three per cent, by EUR 4.3 billion, and amounted to EUR 128.8 billion, which was more or less the same as in manufacturing.In the service sector, professional, scientific and technical activities were the second largest measured by the number of enterprises. This industry had 33,700 enterprises, 94,400 employees, and a turnover of EUR 13 billion. The number of enterprises went up by two per cent and turnover by one per cent, but personnel contracted slightly. Measured by the number of personnel, transport and storage, as well as administrative and support service activities, were also large industries. The former had a personnel of 128,000 and the latter of 119,700. In transport and storage, the personnel diminished by a couple of per cent and turnover grew by the same amount. The personnel of administrative and support service activities increased by one per cent and its turnover grew by five per cent on the previous year. In the industry of human health and social work activities that has been growing briskly in the last few years, the personnel went up by five per cent and turnover by seven per cent, which means that the growth was still fast compared with the other industries.

Small and medium-size enterprises, i.e. enterprises with a personnel of under 250 people, represented 99.8 per cent of all enterprises. They employed 64 per cent of all personnel and accounted for 53 per cent of total turnover. The shares have been fairly constant over the years, but the share of turnover has been growing by a few percentage points from the previous year. Large enterprises that employ over 250 people represented 0.2 per cent of all enterprises and they employed 36 per cent of all personnel, and accounted for 47 per cent of total turnover. The number of small enterprises, i.e. with fewer than 50 employees, and of large enterprises decreased and their turnover also went down.The number of personnel and turnover grew in medium-size enterprises, i.e. enterprises with 50 to 249 employees.

According to the Business Register, there were 8,041 enterprise groups of which 2,307 were fully Finnish-owned, 4,934 were foreign-owned multinationals and 800 were Finnish-owned multinationals. Enterprise groups employed 784,000 people in Finland. Four per cent of all enterprises belonged to a group. They employed 53 per cent of all personnel and accounted for 72 per cent of total turnover in Finland.

Source: Business Register, Statistics Finland

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