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Published: 8 February 2007

Government R&D funding goes up by EUR 60 million in 2007

The total funding of research and development in the 2007 Government Budget goes up to EUR 1.73 billion. R&D funding increases in nominal terms by 3.6 per cent and in real terms by 1.2 per cent. Government budget appropriations or outlays on research and development (GBAORD) as a proportion of overall government spending exclusive of debt servicing stands at 4.5 per cent, where it has stayed during the past few years. The share of public R&D funding of GDP totals just below one per cent.

The increases go to the administrative branches which receive the most R&D funding. The EUR 36 million increase of funding under the Ministry of Education is divided rather evenly between the operative costs of universities and research funding distributed via the Academy of Finland. The EUR 33 million increase of funding under the Ministry of Trade and Industry results mainly from increases in appropriations and oytlays of the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (Tekes).

Funding of Tekes as the largest funding organisation totals to EUR 504 million, and its share is 29 per cent. The share of the other organisation awarding funding on a competitive basis, Academy of Finland, is 16 per cent and the funding amounts in all to EUR 276 million. The greatest change from 2006 by organisation is the further EUR 13 million decrease of other R&D funding, i.e. research carried out in ministries.

In line with the socio-economic objective, general advancement of knowledge with its share of a good 42 per cent is the largest category. In 2007 it also receives the largest increase, namely EUR 36 million. The share of funding of industrial production and technology is 27 per cent and it goes up by EUR 26 million.

Government budget appropriations or outlays for R&D

  R&D funding
€ million
Share of total
R&D funding, %
Nominal change
from 2006, %
Real change
from 2006, %
Total 1,730.0   3.6 1.2
Major administrative branches
 Ministry of Education 751.7 43.4 5.1 2.6
 Ministry of Trade and Industry 609.6 35.2 5.7 3.2
 Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 125.6 7.3 0.0 -2.4
 Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 99.9 5.8 0.6 -1.8
Funding organisations
 Universities 446.4 25.8 4.4 2.0
 University central hospitals 48.7 2.8 0.0 -2.3
 Academy of Finland 275.8 15.9 7.2 4.6
 National Technology Agency Tekes 504.3 29.2 5.5 3.0
 Government research institutes 282.0 16.3 3.4 1.0
 Other R&D funding 172.7 10.0 -7.0 -9.1

Source: Government R&D funding in the state budget 2007

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