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TOL 2008 Transition schedule by statistics

About TOL 2008 transition.

The table below lists all statistics where the standard industrial classification is used. It gives the first statistical reference period and point of time when data will first be released from them by the revised TOL 2008 classification. The list also contains a link to the home page of the statistics concerned where further information will be posted about the transition timetable, application of TOL 2008 in the statistics, contents of backcast time series, and instructions for combined use of statistics produced according to the old and the new classification. Each link will be activated when such further information becomes available.

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Statistics First reference period First publication
Annual national accounts 2010 2011 July
Central government monthly salaries 2008 2009 June
Employment 2007 2009 October
Energy use in manufacturing 2008 2009 September
Enterprise openings and closures 2009, 1st quarter 2009 July
Foreign affiliates in Finland 2008 2009 November
Index of turnover in industry 2009, January 2009 April
Index of wage and salary earnings 2009, 1st quarter 2009 May
Industrial output 2008 2009 November
Innovation 2008 2010 February
Input-output 2009 2011 December
Job vacancy survey 2009, 1st quarter 2009 May
Labour cost index 2009, 1st quarter 2009 June
Labour cost survey 2008 2010 June
Labour force survey 2009, March 2009 April
Local government sector wages and salaries 2008 2009 June
New orders in manufacturing 2009, January 2009 March
Private sector hourly wages 2008 2009 July
Private sector monthly salaries 2008 2009 July
Producer price indices 2009, January 2009 February
Producer price indices for services 2009, 1st quarter 2009 April
Production of electricity and heat 2008 2009 September
Productivity surveys 2010 2011 October
Quarterly national accounts 2011, 2nd quarter 2011 September
Research and development 2008 2009 October
Statistics on labour disputes 2008, 02 2009 May
Structure of Earnings 2008 2010 April
Trend Indicator of Output 2011, July 2011 October
Turnover of service industries 2009, January 2009 April
Turnover of trade 2009, January 2009 February
Use of information technology in enterprises 2008 2009 October
Volume index of industrial output 2009, January 2009 March
Wage and salary indices 2009, January 2009 March
Waste statistics 2008 2010 June