Published: 17 June 2010

Number of road traffic fatalities down by 19 per cent in 2009

A total of 6,414 road traffic accidents involving personal injury occurred in 2009. In them, 279 persons were killed and 8,057 injured. There were 65 fewer fatalities than in 2008. The numbers of accidents involving personal injury and injured persons were also lower than before.

Persons killed in road traffic by age group

Persons killed in road traffic by age group

Compared with 2008, the number of road traffic fatalities fell clearly in July, as well as in October-November. In July the number of persons killed was 15 lower and in October-November 38 lower than in the same time periods of the previous year. The number of fatalities in head-on collisions was 76, which is 16 fewer than in 2008. The number of persons killed in swerving accidents decreased by ten. There were 100 fatalities in swerving accidents in 2009.

Children’s road traffic fatalities decreased when compared with 2008. Six children died in road traffic, which is two fewer than in 2008. A total of 30 pedestrians were killed in 2009, which is 23 fewer than in 2008. The number of cyclists’ road traffic fatalities was 20, which is 2 higher than in 2008. Road traffic fatalities among moped riders numbered 11. In 2009, a total of 1,124 moped riders sustained injuries, which is 119 more than in 2008.

Source: Transport and Tourism: Road traffic accidents. Statistics Finland

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