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Revisions to data of the volume index of industrial output, January-September 2009

Reasons for revisions to original data:


The main reason for the revision of the data is the estimation that is used for industry 26-27. Some listed companies do not provide their data within the production timetable of the statistics so their data have to be estimated. This has to be done 8 times per year. The data for July-August, for instance, are estimated. At turning points of economic trends, the estimation models react slowly to changes.

Missing data

The volume index of industrial output is based on a sample. The sample comprises some 1,000 establishments or enterprises. Every month, data are missing for an average of just under 20 establishments. This may cause revisions to the data but its impact has been quite minor.

Corrections to data

Data suppliers may correct their data retrospectively. However, as a rule these do not have a major impact at the level of total industries. In connection with the June release some data suppliers had also corrected their data for earlier months.

Checking of weights

In accordance with the chain index principle, establishment and industry-specific weights are changed annually. This has had some impact also at the level of total industries, although not of the same magnitude as estimation.

Calculation of annual index

The sample-based monthly volume index has been retrospectively benchmarked to the annual volume index calculated from structural statistics. This has influenced especially the indices at the 3 and 2-digit level industry categories.

Changing of seasonally adjusted figures

Seasonally adjusted index point figures may change even if original index point figures do not. The changes in the seasonally adjusted and trend point figures may also stretch several years back. Especially at turning points of economic trends seasonally adjusted series fail to react sufficiently quickly to sharp changes.

Figures become revised faster than before

Below is an example of how the original annual change percentages for July and August 2009 became revised in a few main industries.

The table shows that no appreciable revision took place in manufacturing exclusive of the electrical and electronics industry. Almost all of the revision comes from the electrical and electronics industry. The weight of this industry (26-27) in total industries is 19.2 per cent.

Revisions to July data
Industry 1st release 2nd release 3rd release
Total industries BCDE -24.5 -24.3 -25.0
Manufacturing C -27.3 -27.3 -28.1
Manufacturing excl. 26-27 -24.4 -24.3 -24.1
Electrical and electronics industry 26-27 -36.5 -37.2 -40.7
Revisions to August data
Industry 1st release 2nd release
Total industries BCDE -21.2 -21.1
Manufacturing C -24.6 -24.5
Manufacturing excl. 26-27 -23.5 -23.0
Electrical and electronics industry 26-27 -31.5 -33.2

Last updated 10.11.2009

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