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Latest publication: Preliminary population statistics 2022, February

Published: 23 March 2016

Finland's preliminary population figure 5,487,616 at the end of February

According to Statistics Finland's preliminary data, Finland's population was 5,487,616 at the end of February. Our country's population decreased by 31 persons during January-February. The reason for the population decrease was the negative excess of births, as the number of births was 1,310 lower than that of deaths. Migration gain from abroad was positive, since immigration exceeded emigration by 1,279.

Population increase by month 2013–2016*

Population increase by month 2013–2016*

During January-February, 8,472 children were born, which was 330 fewer than in the corresponding period in 2015. The number of deaths was 9,782, which is 522 higher than one year earlier.

According to the preliminary statistics for February, 3,825 persons immigrated to Finland from abroad and 2,546 persons emigrated from Finland. The number of immigrants was 179 lower and the number of emigrants 435 higher than in the corresponding period of the previous year. In all, 1,061 of the immigrants and 1,801 of the emigrants were Finnish citizens.

According to the preliminary data, the number of inter-municipal migrations totalled 36,889 during January-February. Compared with the previous January-February, the increase was 803 migrations according to the municipal division of 2016.

Source: Population Statistics, Statistics Finland

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