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Published: 1 April 2015

Half of all households had a net wealth of EUR 110,000 or more in 2013

Statistics Finland's Household Wealth Survey for 2013 indicates that the median for households' net wealth was EUR 110,000 in 2013. Median wealth was in real terms 4.7 per cent higher than in the previous study in 2009. Wealth is divided unevenly, because one-quarter of households had a net wealth of over EUR 252,000 and one-quarter under EUR 10,000. Those aged 65 to 74 were the wealthiest age group.

Average wealth according to the age of the household's reference person in 2013, median

Average wealth according to the age of the household's reference person in 2013, median

The wealthiest tenth owned around 45 per cent of total net wealth in 2013. The five least wealthy deciles, or one-half of households, owned around seven per cent of net wealth. Examined in the long term, the share of the wealthiest decile in net wealth has grown. Compared with 1994, the wealth share of the wealthiest decile has risen by around six percentage points.

Distribution of net wealth in 1994 and 2013, share of total amount of net wealth (%)

Net wealth decile group 1994 2013 Change (percentage points)
I–V (least wealthy 50 %) 6,9 6,7 -0,2
VI 8,2 6,9 -1,3
VII 10,9 9,6 -1,3
VIII 14,5 13,0 -1,5
IX 20,3 18,7 -1,6
X (wealthiest 10 %) 39,2 45,2 6,0
Total 100 100 0
The net wealth of the Household Wealth Survey is calculated by deducting debt from real and financial assets. The share of both indebted households and those with housing loans in total household population has grown by a few percentage points over the past twenty years, but on the other hand, the shares are slightly lower than at the end of the 1980s. Both the number of indebted households and particularly the average debt sums grew quite fast in the early 2000s. Relative to the asset development of households, the growth in indebtedness has been moderate, however. For indebted households, the ratio of debts to the household's assets was 35 per cent, on average, in 2013, while it was 34 per cent in 2009 and 30 per cent in 1998.

Source: Households' assets

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