Pricing of research data and services

The prices are in force in 2021. The prices are exclusive of value added tax (24%).

Research data

Service prices

The compiling and editing of research data are priced at an hourly rate according to the number of hours worked. IT costs related to the assignment are added to the labour costs.

Service Price

User licence including one hour of preparatory work

  • The cost for processing the application will be invoiced regardless of whether the application is approved or not
  • An application that is canceled or that is not completed after handling of it has started, is invoiced according to the amount of work performed
EUR 500
Charge for hour worked EUR 105 per hour
Expansion/continuation of user licence EUR 500
Division of invoice to several organisations EUR 105
Renting of a Research Laboratory workstation EUR 70 per day
Re-opening remote access for the research project after closing EUR 350

Ready-made datasets

The price of ready-made datasets is based on maintaining the data and the amount of work of the customer service related to the dataset.

Dataset Directory Price
EDUC students EDUC_OPISK EUR 300
EDUC joint application for upper secondary education EDUC_TYHR EUR 300
EDUC Register of Completed Education and Degrees EDUC_TREK EUR 300
EDUC higher education achievement register (VIRTA) EDUC_VIRTA EUR 500
EDUC results of matriculation examinations EDUC_YTL EUR 500
FIRM regional business data FIRM_PROD EUR 300
FIRM global value chains and international sourcing FIRM_GVC EUR 300
FIRM commodities: products and materials and supplies FIRM_COMMOD EUR 300
FIRM ICT datasets FIRM_ICT EUR 300
FIRM research and development, innovations FIRM_RDINNO EUR 300
FIRM periodic tax return data FIRM_VAT EUR 300
FIRM bankruptcies, restructuring of enterprises FIRM_BANKR EUR 300
FIRM enterprise groups FIRM_GROUP EUR 300
FIRM Consumer Price Index data FIRM_CPI EUR 300
FIRM Basic data on legal units FIRM_BASE EUR 300
FIRM patenting FIRM_PAT EUR 300
FIRM family business data FIRM_FAMBUS EUR 300
FIRM Finnish affiliates abroad FIRM_OFATS EUR 300
FIRM international trade in goods and services FIRM_TRADE EUR 300
FIRM goods transport by road FIRM_TRANS EUR 300
FIRM financial statements data FIRM_FSS EUR 300
FIRM enterprise-specific personnel characteristics and enterprises' occupational structures FIRM_EMPENT EUR 300
FIRM workplace and employee flow data, establishment-specific personnel characteristics and establishments' occupational structures FIRM_EMPEST EUR 300
FIRM foreign ownership FIRM_IFATS EUR 300
FIRM establishments in the Business Register FIRM_ESTAB EUR 300
FIRM enterprises in the Business Register FIRM_ENTER EUR 300
FIRM enterprises' demographic data FIRM_DEMOG EUR 300
FIRM business subsidies FIRM_SUBSID EUR 300
FLOWN owner data FLOWN EUR 300
FOLK residential unions FOLK_ASLII EUR 300
FOLK household-dwelling unit data FOLK_ASKUN EUR 300
FOLK period data FOLK_JAKSOT EUR 300
FOLK child-parents and child-parent year FOLK_LAPS EUR 150
FOLK family data FOLK_PERH EUR 300
FOLK basic data FOLK_PERUS EUR 300
FOLK income data FOLK_TULO EUR 300
FOLK qualifications FOLK_TUTK EUR 300
FOLK employment data FOLK_TKT EUR 300
FOLK population census sample data from 1950 FOLK_VL50 EUR 300
FOLK population census total data from 1970, 1975, 1980 and 1985 FOLK_VL7085 EUR 300
INFRA location data module INFRA_SIJAINTI EUR 150
PRH Trade Register's responsibility person data PRH_BOARD EUR 300
SES structure of earnings SES EUR 1,000
SURV Labour Force Survey interview data SURV_TYTI first year EUR 500,
following years EUR 400 and other expenses (EUR 300 or hourly pricing if includes combining of registers)
TAX benefits payment data in the Incomes Register TAX_BENEFIT

EUR 500

TAX income data in the Incomes Register TAX_INCOMES EUR 500
TAX employer's or payer's annual notification to the Tax Administration TAX_XPER EUR 300
TEM/URA data Tem_URA EUR 500
TEM employment service statistics data of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Workplace Tem_tyopaikka EUR 300
TEM employment service statistics data of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Working capacity Tem_tyokunto EUR 300
TEM employment service statistics data of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Job seeker Tem_tyonhakija EUR 300
TEM employment service data of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: Job search Tem_tyonhaku EUR 300
TRAFI motor vehicle stock, owner/holder data TRAFI_omistaja Remote access virtual machine pricing
TRAFI motor vehicle stock, vehicle data TRAFI_ajoneuvo Remote access virtual machine pricing
TULLI international trade in goods TULLI_ENTER EUR 300
TULLI commodity level data TULLI_COMMOD EUR 300

Microsimulation datasets

Dataset Price
SISU register datasets, 15 per cent samples for each dataset year Remote access virtual machine pricing
SISU register dataset, separate sample EUR 1,000 per dataset year
Microsimulation version of Household Budget Survey service dataset 2012 dataset (both versions): EUR 3,900;
2016 dataset: EUR 3,900;
all datasets: EUR 5,175

Remote access use

A research project-specific use charge is paid for remote access use including both the use charge for remote access use and opening and maintenance fees. This agreement will remain valid until further notice. The research project selects a suitable virtual machine for its use.

Prices per virtual machine

Virtual machine Price
S (8 GB RAM, 4 cores) EUR 2,250 per year
M (16 GB RAM, 6 cores) EUR 2,750 per year
L (32 GB RAM, 8 cores) EUR 3,500 per year
XL (64 GB RAM, 8 cores) EUR 4,800 per year

The remote access charges are invoiced twice a year, the invoicing period is six months: the use between January and June is charged in June and the use between July and December is charged in December.

If the virtual machine changes during the invoicing period, the use charge is for the biggest virtual machine used.

The minimum length for the invoicing is one invoicing period (January to June / July to December). Hence, the minimum charge is a six-month share of the annual charge. If the use of the remote-access starts or ends in the middle of the invoicing period, the charge will be set in proportion to the monthly level according to the start and end times provided that the use has continued for at least one whole invoicing period.

Other remote access costs

A limited amount of disk space is reserved for each research project, additional disk space is charged for separately. The price for additional space is EUR 120 per 200 GB a year. The price includes the opening charge for the first year.

Data costs are invoiced in accordance with the price list of research data.

Interview and survey services

The price for a data collection made by interview and survey services is comprised of the costs of the collecting and designing of the content of the data, costs of the fieldwork stage of the data collecting, and the costs of the processing and editing of the data.

The main factors influencing the costs are the mode of data collecting (telephone interview, face-to-face interview, postal inquiry, web-based data collecting or a combination of these), the length and sample size of the inquiry, the amount of work involved in the designing of the questionnaire and the data collecting. and the form in which the data are delivered (data file, tables, table report, survey report).

Due to the aforementioned factors the price of a survey can range from a couple of thousand to hundreds of thousands of euros. The most important factors affecting the costs of the different survey implementation modes are always discussed in advance, after which a preliminary cost estimate can be given for them. The final cost estimate is made when the implementation alternative that suits the customer's needs and the survey details have been established.

Methodological services

Hourly charging is applied in the pricing of methodological services, for which the price exclusive of VAT varies between EUR 80 to 140 depending on the nature of the assignment. Monthly charging may also be applied in large projects.

Last updated 8 Oct 2021