Pricing for research data and services

Value added tax 24 % is added to the prices.

Research data

Tailored unit-level data

The compiling and editing of research data are priced at an hourly rate according to the number of hours worked. The price of research service is EUR 105 per hour. IT costs related to the assignment are added to the labour costs.

A data assignment includes free of charge 10 hours of preparatory work. EUR 105 per hour is charged for any additional work. A separate agreement is signed with the customer concerning the work.

Extension/expansion of user licence: EUR 150

Ready-made datasets for remote access use

  • FLEED sample data EUR 600
  • Structure of earnings sample data EUR 600 (the price contains both the structure of earnings data and harmonised structure of earnings data)
  • Enterprise level ready-made datasets EUR 300 per dataset

The price of ready-made datasets is based on maintaining the data and the amount of work of the customer service related to the data. The price for enterprise level ready-made datasets include updates.

The data produced by the statistical offices (e.g. Household Budget Survey) are priced separately.

Remote access

The research project-specific use charge includes both the use charge for remote access and opening/maintenance fees. The agreement is made on a monthly or yearly basis. The use charge is based on the number of researchers using the remote access:

Number of researchers using remote access Cost/year (annual agreement) Cost/month/year (monthly agreement)
1 EUR 1,500 per year EUR 200 per month, EUR 2,400 per year
2 EUR 2,000 per year EUR 300 per month, EUR 3,600 per year
3 to 4 EUR 2,500 per year EUR 400 per month, EUR 4,800 per year
5 to 9 EUR 4,000 per year EUR 600 per month, EUR 7,200 per year
more than 10 negotiated separately negotiated separately

The sum to be charged is determined by the maximum number of researchers having used the service during the invoicing period.

A limited amount of disk space is reserved for the research project, additional disk space is charged for separately.

Data costs are invoiced in accordance with the price list of research data.

Extension/expansion of user licence: EUR 150

Research service: EUR 105 per hour

EUR 300 will be charged for the installation of software to be used by an individual researcher, the researcher is responsible for ensuring licences, etc.

Re-opening remote access project EUR 350

Research Laboratory

Data costs are invoiced in accordance with the price list of research data.

  • Renting a workstation in the research laboratory: EUR 70 per day
  • Extension/expansion of user licence: EUR 150
  • Research service: EUR 105 per hour


  • The use charge for the microsimulation model: EUR 1,300 per user per year
    The user-specific charge includes both the use charge and opening/maintenance fees. Users have limited amount of resources in the remote access system. 
  • Research service: EUR 105 per hour

Interview and survey services

The price for a data collection made by Statistics Finland's interview and survey services is comprised of the costs of the collecting and designing of the content of the data, costs of the fieldwork stage of the data collecting, and the costs of the processing and editing of the data.

The main factors influencing the costs are the mode of data collecting (telephone interview, face-to-face interview, postal inquiry, web-based data collecting or a combination of these), the length and sample size of the inquiry, the amount of work involved in the designing of the questionnaire and the data collecting, and the form in which the data are to be delivered (data file, tables, table report, survey report).

Due to the aforementioned factors, the price of a survey can range from a couple of thousand to hundreds of thousands of euros.

The most important factors affecting the costs of the different survey implementation modes are always discussed in advance, after which preliminary cost estimates can be given for them. The final cost estimate is made after establishing the implementation alternative that suits the customer's needs and the survey details.

Methodological services

Hourly charging is applied in the pricing of methodological services, for which the price exclusive of VAT varies between EUR 80 to 140 depending on the nature of assignment. Monthly charging may also be applied in large projects.

Last updated 14 May 2019