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EUROSTUDENT VIII  Student Survey 2022

Now we ask students!

Eurostudent is a student survey that explores the living conditions, studying, mobility, social background and livelihood of students in higher education.

Data are simultaneously collected in more than 20 European countries for the use of higher education policy, higher education institutions and researchers. The EUROSTUDENT inquiry is now made in Finland for the eighth time. So far, the inquiry data have helped gain a comprehensive picture of Finnish students for international comparisons. Now we need new information.

Who will respond to the inquiry?

A randomly representative sample of Finnish higher education students has been drawn from the database of students in higher education. For the survey results to give a correct picture of students' situation, it is important that all 25,000 students drawn to the sample reply to the inquiry.
The data are collected with a web survey to which you can answer without using your name. All persons drawn to the sample receive a personal link by email for responding.

Data protection

The right to process personal data for research purposes within the Eurostudent survey is based on Finnish law and statutory obligations and a task in public interest as intended in the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. The Ministry of Education and Culture is the data controller for the processing of personal data.

The contact information of people selected for the inquiry is received from higher education institutions as well as from Statistics Finland’s register based on the Population Information System. For the research material, Statistics Finland supplements the data available from the questionnaire with data available from administrative registers. These include, for example, data on education, age and employment. Statistics Finland's employees are legally obliged to secrecy.
Further information in the survey’s data protection description (PDF) (The Ministry of Education and Culture).

Data release and storage

Statistics Finland releases the anonymised data to the Ministry of Education and Culture and the researchers within the Eurostudent research project. The data may be released for further economic and social research. Released data are always anonymised and the direct identification of the survey participants is impossible. The data formed based on the responses to the inquiry are also archived as anonymised data in the Finnish Social Science Data archive at the University of Tampere.

By responding you are included in a prize draw

Among all those who responded to the survey and left their contact information, a lot will be drawn for 5 vouchers of EUR 100.

Contact persons

Ministry of Education and Culture, Kaisu-Maria Piiroinen, tel. +358 29 533 0359,  firstname.lastname(at)

Senior Statistician Juhani Saari, Statistics Finland, tel. +358 29 551 2680,

Senior Statistician Varpu Vuoristo, Statistics Finland, tel. +358 29 551 2011,

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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.