Statistics Finland provides statistics related to national accounts and basic regional accounts data for research purposes.

Statistics under the topic National Accounts

Basic regional accounts data

Regional accounts are a regional extension of national accounts. Regional accounts are divided according to the statistical basic unit into Regional accounts of production and employment describing production, employment and investments and into Regional household accounts depicting households' income and use of income. Both are calculated according the municipality division of the latest statistical year and are published by sub-regional unit, region and major region.

The data on regional accounts of production and employment are calculated by municipality, industry and sector for the following transactions:

  • Output at basic prices
  • Intermediate consumption at purchasers' prices
  • Financial services indirectly measured
  • Other intermediate consumption
  • Value added, gross at basic prices
  • Compensation of employers
  • Employed persons
  • Self-employed persons
  • Employees
  • Gross fixed capital formation

The number of industry*sector observations on the calculation level is around 135. For research activities data sets can be compiled from the regional, industrial and sector classification within the limitations of data protection and relevance.

Special surveys and indicators

It is possible to conduct special surveys on regional accounts of production and employment, which are produced with an industrial classification differing from the normal calculation level. Special surveys can be produced with due consideration to the restrictions of source materials, data protection and relevance.

Various indicators are produced from regional accounts data, which are published under Indicators of regional economy. Tailored surveys can be produced from the released indicators and their derivatives for different municipality-based regional divisions.

Examples of separate surveys and indicators for research purposes.