Immigrants in the population

The population with immigrant background can be examined in statistics in several different ways. Statistics Finland publishes annually statistics on the population based on citizenship, country of birth, language, and the newer origin classification. The size of the target group varies based on which of these background variables are included in the examination. Different groups like foreign citizens and persons born abroad are also partly overlapping.

For example, Russian speakers may include citizens of Estonia, Russia and other countries, recipients of Finnish citizenship (former citizenship Russian, for example) and children born in Finland to Russian parents, whose native language at birth is reported as Russian.

Previously, when there have only been a few immigrants in Finland, the focus of the examination has been on foreign citizens. However, it is insufficient to use merely foreign citizenship as an individual variable to describe the population with immigrant background, as many persons with foreign background receive Finnish citizenship after living in the country for years. In addition to citizenship, this website also examines the population based on country of birth, language and origin. You can simultaneously examine these groups and their sizes and overlapping in the figures and tables below.

Population by origin country of birth and language 2021

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Population by citizenship, country of birth, language and origin 2021

  Total Persons with Finnish background total   Persons with foreign background total
Country of birth, total
Languages total 5 548 241 5 078 608   469 633
Foreign languages, total 458 042 15 643   442 399
National languages, total 5 090 199 5 062 965   27 234
Languages total 5 105 951 5 024 514   81 437
Foreign languages, total 75 704 9 056   66 648
National languages, total 5 030 247 5 015 458   14 789
Foreign country of birth, total
Languages total 442 290 54 094   388 196
Foreign languages, total 382 338 6 587   375 751
National languages, total 59 952 47 507   12 445