FIONA remote access system

The FIONA remote access system is a data secure environment for processing research data for unit-level data needed in research, such as Statistics Finland's micro data.

The use of FIONA is usually agreed upon in connection with a user licence application. The use of FIONA is subject to a charge.

FIONA maintenance breaks

By default the maintenance break starts at 4 and ends by 12 (Finnish time). If the break requires more time we will notify of the estimated duration.

  • 21.3.2023
  • 18.4.2023
  • 16.5.2023
  • 20.6.2023
  • 18.7.2023
  • 15.8.2023
  • 19.9.2023
  • 17.10.2023
  • 21.11.2023
  • 19.12.2023

Fiona notifications

The system malfunction affecting the visibility and accessibility of disks in FIONA is still ongoing (3.3.2023)
The underlying cause has been identified and is currently under repair. We regret the inconvenience caused by the malfunction.

Network drives experiencing problems (1.3.2023)

Fiona's network drives are experiencing technical difficulties. Some drives may be unavailable to users. Administrators are working to solve the issue.

Microsoft Office now available in Fiona (9.2.2023)

Projects can now request an installation of MS Office by contacting our service email The price for installation is 260 €/machine/year and will be billed bi-annually in June and December. and Virtu/Valtion tunnistuspalvelu authentications down on 29.6.2022 and Virtu/Valtion tunnistuspalvelu authentication methods are undergoing maintenance on 29.6.2022. is down from 9 to 14 and Virtu/Valtion tunnistuspalvelu from 14 to 16. Schedule is dependent on the maintenance work of DVV, Valtori and CSC.


Use of micro data in FIONA

The researcher opens a secure connection (e.g. VPN) to FIONA on a server administered by Statistics Finland. The remote access must be established via the organisation that has signed the remote access agreement.

Working in FIONA takes place via the desktop that opens in the browser window. FIONA is a closed system, which means that no information is transferred between the user and the environment except for the display image and keyboard and mouse input. 

Research results and other material may be transferred outside the system only through a screening process. The screening ensures that no individuals or businesses can be identified from the published data.

In addition to Statistics Finland’s data, data from other authorities can also be combined in FIONA in the same environment. The calculation and storage capacity of FIONA is available as needed. FIONA also contains several analysis programmes, such as STATA, R, Python, SAS and SPSS. 

More detailed instructions for use can be found in the adjacent file: Using the FIONA remote access system (PDF)

Logging in to FIONA

Logging in to the remote access system requires the use of federated identification services, of which the following are in use

  • Government identification service
  • Haka
  • EduGain.

Login instruction for the FIONA remote access system (PDF)

Log in to FIONA.

Service maintenance and invoicing

The technical management of FIONA is the responsibility of the CSC – IT Center for Science, which is administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture.  Statistics Finland is responsible for maintaining the remote access system during office hours, and the customer's technical contact person helps in problem situations.

The use of the system is billed in accordance with the price list of the Research Services.

How can one become a remote user of research data?

Organisation agreement on remote access use of research data

In order for a researcher to be able to work in the remote access system, the researcher’s organisation must conclude a remote access agreement with Statistics Finland. In connection with the processing of a user licence application, the Research Services supply to the customer for filling in the organisation agreement on remote access use and a request for data protection and data security practices connected to the organisation's remote access connection.

The customer is responsible for that the premises used by researchers are suitable for research and remote use and that data can be processed there so that the data protection of the data is not endangered. Statistics Finland must have the possibility to view the customer's work premises.

The organisation agreement on remote access use specifies the contact persons responsible for administrative and technical matters relating to the remote access use of the organisation. The contact persons must take part in training related to remote access use.

User and workspace-specific agreement

Each remote user must submit the user and workspace-specific remote access commitment to Statistics Finland before starting the remote access use. All remote access locations and addresses must be given by a remote access commitment.

Researchers can apply for a licence to use the remote access system from home or abroad (EU and non-EU countries whose level of data protection has been recognised as sufficient by the European Commission). For use from abroad, the research project must be connected with a Finnish organisation. In addition, it must be mentioned in the user licence for the research project that remote access use takes place abroad.

The customer organisation is responsible for their employees' remote work and remote work connection.

If the remote access location needs to be changed

If you want to have access to remote access in Finland from an address or workstation not previously given by the remote access commitment, you must submit a new remote access commitment. You can submit a new remote access commitment at Statistics Finland 's licensing service. You can start remote access use from the new address only when the Research Services have acknowledged that the commitment has been accepted.

Opening remote access

Statistics Finland opens a connection to the remote access system from the IP addresses specified by the customer and provides instructions on how to use the remote access system.