Micro data

Micro data or unit-level data are available from Statistics Finland for scientific studies and statistical surveys.

The Research Services offer ready-made data and tailoring of data according to research need. Data are available from both enterprise and individual databases in a variety of ways. The data, their tailoring and remote access are subject to charge.

Statistical legislation and data protection and confidentiality practices specified in legislation are applied in compiling and releasing the data. The releasing of data is subject to a user licence. View the rules of the Research Services (PDF).

Topical in Research Services

Update schedule for ready made datasets for 2022 published (1.7.2022)

See Deadlines for updating ready-made datasets in 2022 (xlsx)

Statistics Finland's Fiona remote access system has been registered in Valvira's database of secondary-use environments on May 20th 2022 (24.5.2022).

Statistics Finland's new electronic licensing service (4.4.2022)

Researchers can send in their applications electronically. Log in to the permit service at lupa.stat.fi. The service uses strong identification of the applicant (Suomi.fi, Haka, Virtu, EduGain).

In the licensing service, the applicant first selects the materials to be ordered, for example ready-made material or customizable material. After this the applicant fills out the application form. The permit service includes a catalog that lists the ready-made materials and service materials that can be applied for. Pledge of secrecy and remote access commitments can also be submitted through the service.

Newsletter is sent to Research Services’ customers (24.3.2022)

The newsletter informs about current news from Research Services at Statistics Finland.

See the newsletter (pdf). 

New guide: Remote Access to Research Data (10.3.2022)

The guide provides information about using the research data sets and the SISU microsimulation model remotely. The guide gives basic guidance on data secure use of research data subject to user licence in a remote access use environment. It provides an overall picture of the legal principles of remote access use, data protection issues, application process and agreement practices as well as good practices of remote access use. It is recommended that remote access users would familiarise themselves with the guide.

View the Remote access to research data guide.

Delay in entry to processing of applications

(Updated 1.8.2022)

  • Addition of users: around 1 week
  • Ready-made data: around 1,6 months
  • Tailored data: around 3,8 months
  • Cause of death / data with identification data: around 3 weeks

The time from processing the application to receiving the data varies depending on the extent of the data.

Application process for data

Learn more about the data. Apply for licence. We process your application. We make an agreement. We compile the data. We deliver the data.

Newsletter of Research Services

The newsletter informs about current news from Research Services at Statistics Finland.

Newsletter 23.3.2022 (pdf)

Newsletter 13.10.2021 (pdf)

Contact us

In all questions concerning research data, you can contact us by email: tutkijapalvelut@stat.fi.

If you want to contact us by telephone, send us by email a call request and tell us in the message what it concerns. This way we can find a suitable expert to see to the matter.