News 26 Mar 2019

As of 7 May 2019 statistical releases will be published at 8 am

Statistics Finland will advance the publication of its statistical releases so that in future, releases are published on the website at 8 am. The present time of release is 9 am. The change will concern all statistical releases starting from 7 May.

Advancing the publication of releases is a reaction to changes having occurred particularly in media use. The change aims to increase accessibility to new information earlier in the morning and strengthen the use and effectiveness of high-quality and researched statistical data, says Statistics Finland’s Director of Information Services, Hannele Orjala.

The media is increasingly used electronically and digitally, in which the best time for data need and use is earlier than the present time of release. 

According to Ms Orjala, the change is a response to users’ wishes. The latest statistical data are currently considered to be available too late. In particular, electronic media actors have asked for an earlier time of release than at present. With the change, Statistics Finland aims to increase the use of statistical data in social discussion.

Further information: Hannele Orjala, tel. +358 551 3582 and Mervi Ukkonen, Chief Communication Officer, tel. +358 29 551 2235,