News 2 Mar 2022

Renewed guide instructs about remote access use of research data  

The Remote access to research data guide has been published for you who are planning a survey using enterprise or individual-level research data or want to learn more about the use of data sets. By means of the guide you can also learn more about the SISU microsimulation model.

At researchers' request, this free guide has now been published in English as well.

Unit-level data collected for statistics compilation have been compiled for researchers in Statistics Finland's Research services. Research data sets are made available for scientific research and statistical surveys. The guide gives basic guidance on data secure use of research data subject to user licence in a remote access use environment. It provides an overall picture of the legal principles of remote access use, data protection issues, application process and agreement practices as well as good practices of remote access use. It is recommended that everyone would familiarise themselves with the guide before contacting the Research services.

For researchers, the guide gives a comprehensive description of the features of the data, characteristics restricting their use and other factors to be taken into consideration in research work.

The guide also introduces the user to the SISU microsimulation model and its use for describing the effects of legislative changes on household and population level. The guide presents a concise summary of the calculations and technical implementation enabled by the model.

View the Remote access to research data guide