News 5 Apr 2022

Statistical data section of Statistics Finland's website was renewed

Statistics Finland has opened the renewed Statistical data section on its website today. In the renewal, we focused on retrievability of statistical data and the mobile usability and accessibility of the website. New ways of publishing statistical data include releases, database releases and reviews. Database tables can be found more easily than before both on the front page and in connection with other data.

When we publish new statistical data as before at 8 am on weekdays, our expert usually writes a release about the main observations in the data. The first release according to our new concept, first registrations of motor vehicles in March, will be published on 6 April.

Ready-made tables and figures are also published in connection with the releases. Some of the figures are now interactive, so you can select the data to be presented yourself and, if you wish, download the numbers on which the figures are based. A list of the database tables that have been updated at the time of release is published in each release.

A text format release is not published on all new statistical data, but some of the data are published only as database releases in the StatFin database. Information on upcoming database releases can also be found in the release calendar. Information about the updates of all three types of publications are given in advance in the calendar. Data are also easier to limit than before.

Each set of statistics still has its own web page. You can easily access, for example, the database tables, releases and reviews of the statistics from the renewed statistics pages. The future release dates of statistical data and contact information to statistical experts are also available on the page. New data will be updated on the statistics pages according to the release schedule of each set of statistics.

The statistical data pages published before 5 April 2022 will be archived and old links to the pages will function in future as well. The new pages of each set of statistics contain a link to the archive page. 

Renewal of our website continues and the renewal will next move on to the data collection pages. We will always inform about major changes on our website. 

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