News 19 Jan 2023

Statistics Finland is known as a reliable producer of data 

According to the business image survey made by Taloustutkimus, Statistics Finland is known by 84 per cent and its data are regarded as reliable by 83 per cent of Finns. Statistics Finland is the second best known of the examined central government organisations. 

According to the survey, Finns also regard Statistics Finland as an impartial producer of data and as necessary for society. 

“Reliable data have become even more important as a basis for democracy. In this period of time, it is especially important that we ensure that statistical data are accessible and easy to use for everyone,” says Statistics Finland's Director of Communications Hanna Ikäheimo.

“However, respondents would prefer us to open up and analyse statistical data more than at present. Statistics describe the everyday life of us Finns, and by means of communication we should try to explain the meanings of figures to those who do not work with statistics daily.” 

Besides statistical data, the aim is also to say more about Statistics Finland's activity and possibilities of using statistics. 

Reputation survey: services and responsibility as assets  

According to the reputation survey concerning public administration organisations conducted by T-Media, Statistics Finland's reputation is also on a good level. On the five-step scale, Statistics Finland's reputation score was 3.57, which is higher than average for the public administration. 

Statistics Finland’s strengths among the reputation subsections are products and services, responsibility and employer image. Statistics Finland is also assessed to operate in an open and transparent manner.  

A development possibility in the survey was the subsection of management and trend setting, expectations related to which have risen in the entire public administration survey. 

Surveys provide valuable feedback on activity 

Taloustutkimus conducted the business image survey as a web panel in September to October 2022, and it examined familiarity with Statistics Finland and its corporate image in the minds of citizens. The respondents comprised good 1,000 consumers aged between 15 and 79 living in Mainland Finland. 

In the public administration Reputation&Trust Survey conducted by T-Media in October 2022, good 9,500 Finns aged 15 to 65 were asked with an electronic questionnaire about their trust estimate on around 80 different public administration organisations. Good 200 respondents assessed Statistics Finland in more detail in the survey. 

Further information: 
Director of Communications Hanna Ikäheimo tel. +358 29 551 3025 (Reputation&Trust Survey)
Satu Elho, Head of Development, tel. +358 29 551 2994 (business image survey)