General information about the data collection

Statistics Finland produces establishment-based regional and industrial statistics describing the structures of production and changes in these structures in the enterprise sector. A majority of the data is collected from the business taxation file. The data are supplemented with Statistics Finland's own data collection, which collects data on the breakdown of income and expenditure, investments and inventories. Previously, the data collection applied to industrial establishments but as the share of services has grown, the data collection has been expanded to apply to establishments of service industries as well.

The inquiry for industrial establishments (T5) has been directed to individual establishments. Alongside the inquiry for industrial establishments, Statistics Finland has launched an inquiry for business units, where the enterprise reports its activities by business unit.

The data collection starts annually in March to April.


The European Union's regulations require the collection of the data on the activities of industrial establishments (Council Regulation No 295/2008 concerning structural business statistics and Regulation (EC) No 2223/96 on the European system of national and regional accounts in the Community).

Enterprises' obligation to provide data is based on the Finnish Statistics Act.