International Sourcing

Description of the data collection

The inquiry on international sourcing is part of the Global value chains project supported by the Statistical Office of the European Union, Eurostat, in which Finland is involved.

It is carried out simultaneously in several EU countries. The information from the inquiry aims to increase understanding of the ongoing globalisation development and its impact on enterprises. The results will also be used to produce comparative data on Finnish enterprises with respect to other EU Member States.

The data collected are variables that describe globalisation of enterprises and international sourcing. The inquiry collects data on enterprises divided by business function. The inquired data concern a three-year period.

The survey is made with the Webropol program of an external service provider.

The topics of the inquiry: personnel by business function in the home country, domestic sourcing of business functions, international sourcing of business functions, motivation and barriers for sourcing, moving business functions from abroad to the home country.

From whom are data collected?

The inquiry includes all enterprises employing more than 100 persons in the industry of manufacturing and services and a random sample of smaller enterprises.

Sample size: 2,500 enterprises.

Data processing

The Statistics Act obliges Statistics Finland to treat the data as confidential and use them only for statistical purposes. Statistics Finland is obliged to keep data on individual enterprises confidential.

What are the data used for?

Statistics Finland uses the data for the compilation of statistics and for conducting research. In addition, the results of the data collection are reported to the EU Statistical Office.


In 2018, the purpose of the inquiry is to produce versatile information about the position of enterprises in global value chains. The inquiry also surveys sourcing and transfer of enterprises' business activities abroad.

An inquiry on international sourcing was last carried out in 2012. The data collection on international sourcing is based on this previous inquiry, but its data content is somewhat wider.

How often are data collected?