Price inquiry on producer price indices for manufactured products

Description of the data collection

The price inquiry for producer price indices for manufactured products collects data on products and their prices. The data pertain to enterprises' import, export or domestic market prices.

The data are used for five different indices: Producer Price Index for Manufactured Products, Export Price Index, Import Price Index, Basic Price Index for Domestic Supply, and Basic Price Index for Domestic Supply, Including Taxes. The statistics describe the price development from enterprises' viewpoint.

The European Union requires that producer price indices are compiled.

From whom are data collected?

The data collection covers enterprises that have production, imports or exports in the main groups A to F of the CPA2008 product classification. The data suppliers were selected from the Business Register, commodity statistics of manufacturing, and the foreign trade statistics of Finnish Customs, using a stratified random sample.

Data are collected from approximately 2,000 data suppliers. The inquiry pertains to one or several important product groups for the statistics.

Data processing

The Statistics Act (280/2004) obliges Statistics Finland to treat the collected data as confidential. In the published statistics the data are reported at a level from which the data on an individual enterprise cannot be identified.

What are the data used for?

Producer price indices are used in GDP and volume calculations when measuring economic growth, for example. The statistics are also utilised in connection with financial analysis and to support decision-making related to economic policies. Research institutes and enterprises use the indices in their reports, monitoring and forecasts. They can also be used in index clauses of agreements.

The data from the data collection are used in the following statistics:

How often are data collected?